Thursday, June 9, 2011


This is what it must feel like to be awesome!! I got 4 sales in less than an hour. I usually don't check my sales that much. But, for some reason, I did, and one book jumped up in sales. I was elated!! I'm sure famous authors get much more than 4 sales in AN HOUR, but this must be a fraction of what they feel!! I'm skipping around the house, I let the kids have ice cream, nothing is going to get me down now.

I feel like Jack on the Titanic... I'm QUEEN of the World!!! (At least for another 5 minutes!)

So, to you, my fans... Thank You!


  1. Congrats! I know your really happy. Every sale counts. I can't wait till I have four books published like you :-)

  2. Make that 5, I just gone one :)

  3. C.S. - Thank you. Every sale is exciting. But, seeing it go "crazy" like that gave me a taste of stardom :)

    Kasia - Kewl beans :) Thank you! Love your name!! Almost like my main character in The Ultimate Sacrifice.