Thursday, September 12, 2013

Getting Books in Print

Hi friends and readers. I hope you are all enjoying the start of fall. It's still hot here, so it feels like summer hasn't left yet. The leaves don't turn pretty colors and the pools are still open. Kids are back in school and I've been doing more writing.

Over the summer, I received quite a few emails or messages asking if my books were in print. My answer always was sadly no. You see, it takes money. Money that I don't have. When I first started releasing my books, I had beta readers go over them and hoped I didn't have too many mistakes. After having two books for sale with book covers I made, I decided to find a cover artist. With the money I make from my sales, I reinvest it into the books. So now I pay for my covers and I pay for editing. Lastly, I've been paying for formatting. I did an okay job, but I knew it could be better and I want my books to be the best.

To get my books in print, I need to have my cover artist do the spine and back of the book as well as resize the front. The formatter also needs to do a print version of the book with page numbers and different paragraph styles.

Plus each book needs a new, unique ISBN.

There's just so much that we as readers don't think about.

After telling people over and over that I didn't have print versions, I thought about using Kickstarter. This website is so that people can pledge $1 or more to help someone achieve their dream. I would love to tell the teacher who messaged me about print copies of my books for her schools' program called Project Read A Lot that she could have a copy of all of my books for the program. Or tell the mom who wants to get her child a copy of The Gifted Teens Series that they're on their way. I want to donate to the hospitals so teens can read while they're recovering. This is my dream.

So here is where YOU come in. You can follow this link to my Kickstarter campaign and pledge money toward my dream. You will get a prize. What that prize is depends on how much you pledge. If you can't afford to pledge, that's okay. Maybe someone you know can. Share the Kickstarter link with your family, friends, book buddies, bloggers, on your FB page, on your Twitter, the possibilities are endless and maybe those people will pledge some money.

Just so you know, if the money is not raised, you do not owe a thing. Only if I make my goal will I get the money. That's why word of mouth is SO important!

Here's a bonus! If you share the link, enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below to be entered into a drawing to win a $25 Amazon gift card. I will DOUBLE that (to a $50 gift card) if I raise all the money needed). You can enter up to 6 times a day for a month. Each time you share my link, enter the giveaway. Example: You share it on FB, 1 entry. You share it on Twitter, 1 entry. You share it on your blog, 1 entry and so on. 6 a day for 30 days! That's 180 potential entries!

If you're worried what will happen if I don't get the money, don't be. I will still get my books in print, it's just going to take a lot longer.

Here's the Rafflecopter!! Good luck and thank you from the bottom of my heart!! It's people like you who pledge or share the link that will help get these books out to schools and hospitals.

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