Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Between Worlds Series Book One Redesigned, Book Two Revealed

Eden Crane Design's has done it again! Broken Promise will be released soon, so we decided to get a facelift for the series. What do you think of the new covers?

Cover Redesign

Rylie has it all - great friends, dream boy, loving family. But on the eve of her sixteenth birthday, her perfect little world shatters. A stranger claiming to be her real mother appears with a secret: Rylie is a faery whose powers will be unleashed on her birthday. Captured and forced into a new life, Rylie struggles to keep everything she loves and discovers a terrifying truth: some promises cannot be broken.


Coming Soon! June 2013

Over a year has passed since Rylie returned to her 'human' life. She now knows the truth about her past – and the destiny she can’t yet accept. Rylie struggles to choose between two different worlds, each with a boy she loves. News that her father is alive complicates her life even more. Among the broken hearts and promises, a chance for a new beginning will emerge.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Mom Post - Diapers That Tweet

Have you heard about these yet? Diapers that tweet!! be's not actually the diaper, but something Huggies developed called a TweetPee. A bird that clips to the diaper and alerts Mom, Dad, Grandma, or the nanny that the child is wet. How does it alert you? You guessed it! It sends you a tweet! To an app you download. Not only does this app monitor diaper moisture, but also inventory and keeps count of the average amount of diapers the baby uses.

Seriously? Seriously? Have we gotten so lazy that we can't get off our butts and check our babies ourselves? That smell didn't let you know? The sagging pants? We need a message to pop up on our phone or tablet saying "HEY YOU!!!! YEAH YOU!!!! Go change your kid!!!!!" Seriously? What is wrong with people?

I'm a normal person. Just as lazy as the next. But when my kids are in diapers, I check them every couple hours. If I smell something, guess what?? I even change them before those two hours are up! I don't need something to chirp at me and tell me my kid is wet. And does it only work on pee? How many pees? Just one? What if the pee is further down? What about poop? Does it tweet if the kid poops? Not to mention about having an electronic device "down there". What happens if these things actually catch on and in 20-30 years all these men are infertile or getting penile cancer? All just because Mom, Dad, Grandma, or the nanny was too lazy to get up and physically check baby's diaper.

Shaking my head.

The TweetPee is being tested in Brazil, so it's not being sold yet. Let's hope it stays that way.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Cover Reveal - Falling by Lisa Rigsbee

I'm happy to be a part of this cover reveal for Lisa Rigsbee's Falling! Check it out!

Book Info-
Title - Falling
By Lisa Rigsbee
Publication Date- March 17th, 2013

After seventeen year-old Sophie’s mom dies in a tragic accident, she is so engulfed with guilt and sadness, she feels like she could literally, simply lie down and die. But a few months later, on the night she and her friends experiment with a Ouija board, things begin to change in unimaginable ways. Sophie begins to hear, and then see, Nick, a boy who has been dead for two years. This story tells of their blossoming friendship, young love, and how, through Nick, Sophie learns to live again. But even in the spirit world, happiness can’t last forever. There is a dark side to this otherworldly friendship. Not all spirits are good. Sophie’s dreams become haunting, scary nightmares. And soon these nightmares become reality, and lead Nick and Sophie into a battle against this evil spirit. They must fight for her life, but even if they can figure out how to fight a ghost, Sophie isn’t sure she wants to. If she dies, she could be with Nick forever.

FALLING grips emotions and keeps the reader turning pages late into the night.


About The Author-

Lisa lives near the beach with her daughter and four dogs. She spends every spare moment at the beach, either reading, or surfing, or just sitting and watching the water. That's also where she does most of her writing, in a notebook, with a pencil. Lisa is a school teacher, and a yoga teacher. She is passionate about dog rescue. As busy as she stays, she is most happy sitting on her sofa, cuddling with her pups.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Giveaway Winners

WOW!!!!!!!! 477 entries!!!! That's awesome. I've never had so many entries. Thank you all and I hope you will continue to follow me on all social media. I have lots of giveaways!

The first winner from the Showers of Books giveaway is Bethany. She will receive an Amazon gift code for $10 and her choice of my eBooks.

The next five winners will get their choice of my eBooks and have been announced on the rafflecopter:
Meghan S.
Jolene A.
Lorie E.

All winners have been notified. Check your email!

Thank you to everyone who entered!!! Check back soon--there will be more giveaways!