Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Returns at Amazon

Does it frustrate anyone else?

If you go to a bookstore, buy a book, take it home and read it, dislike it, do you take it back to the bookstore? Broken spine? Dog-eared pages? Would you? Would they even let you (I honestly don't know)?

How many of you buy something, use it, decide for some reason you don't want/like it and return it? I would only do that if something was broken. As for a book, I don't care how much I hated it, I wouldn't return it. I used it. I got what I paid for. Could you imagine going to a concert, not liking the music, and asking the singer for your money back? I can hear the laughter now!!!!!

That's how I think about someone returning a book. There certainly are legitimate reasons. Like hitting the buy it now button twice. Or hitting the buy it now button instead of the sampling button. But, that's not what happened on my last return.

One of my books had 28 sales all day long, possibly from the night before, but not positively. I checked it around midnight and it was still at 28. I checked it about 15 minutes later because I'm obsessive like that and it was down to 27 with a return. So, someone returned a book they had at least all day long. It's my shortest book too, so it could easily have been read in a few hours.

Just frustrates me.

I'm done rambling now.


  1. Wow I didn't even know you could return a book...why would you? I'm with you on this.


  2. do they let you do that on Amazon? But this is outrageous.

  3. I hear your frustration about returns. Did that person have a legitimate reason for the return? Otherwise that sounds pretty silly. Good Luck!


  4. Yup, Amazon lets you return a book. And like I said, there could be a legitimate reason. It seems like they had the book for at least a day. Enough time to read and return.

    Verburga - I'll never know the reason. It might have been something simple as clicking the wrong button. I've had returns before, but they were always right after a sale (like someone had clicked the wrong button). Not a big deal at all. It happens. It's just sometimes frustrating.