The Gifted Teens Series

The Gifted Teens Series includes:

The Ultimate Sacrifice, Roots and Wings, and Unbreakable. 

Book One - The Ultimate Sacrifice

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Kassia is a 16-year-old girl just trying to have a normal life. This is somewhat difficult because she has the ability to inflict pain on others with her mind, which is why she was sent to a special institute for kids with various gifts. It is here Kassia met her best friend Mira.
Their lives will change forever after Mira is attacked and Kassia finds out her talent is much more powerful when she saves her. Little did she know that this act would attract the attention of demons.

Suddenly she is on the run from them with her boyfriend, Mira, and a few of their close friends. Realizing she can’t outrun the demons, she seeks the guidance of a shaman. The shaman tells her the heart breaking news that the only way to protect her friends and the institute is through her own death.
Join Kassia on her journey of friendship, love, and the conflicts she must face to protect those around her.

Book Two - Roots and Wings

A secret is revealed.

A mystery guy visits.

Love blossoms.

Disaster happens.

Roots and Wings is currently available on AmazonAppleBarnes & Noble, Google, and Smashwords.

Book Three - Unbreakable

The gifted teens are now in their senior year and anticipating graduation when a new crisis occurs. After Kassia gets a note from Vala, she finds herself on a new journey. Things from the past threaten to unravel her as she struggles with her future destiny.

Unbreakable is available for $2.99 from AmazonAppleBarnes & Noble, GoogleKobo, and Smashwords

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