Saturday, June 25, 2011


I was at the beach today. Didn't plan on going. We went to a birthday party at a house that was close to a beach. We didn't know this until we got there. So, we walked down the five blocks to go. It was my youngest daughter's first time at a beach.

I commented to my husband that it was odd I couldn't smell the beach from blocks away. I remember being able to do so growing up. You could smell the salt in the air. But... today, I couldn't. This beach isn't a pretty beach. The beaches in the area suck. The water is literally brown. Not a beautiful blue like I'm used to. The sand is more like mud than sand. Even though I've visited the beaches in the area many times, I'm still shocked whenever I see it. It's just not pretty.

About a block before reaching it, I could feel the wind coming off the beach and I could finally smell the salt. The air just changed. We walked onto the beach and I took off my shoes and walked along the water. It's amazing how the beach calms me. My whole personality just changes. I'm a completely different person. I relax, I smile, I have fun. I love the sound of the waves crashing on the shore, I love the warm water as it laps over my toes, I love the smell of the ocean.

My youngest daughter was terrified for a minute. She wanted NOTHING to do with this weird mud on the ground let alone the huge water in front of her. But, we picked her up and brought her over to the water. Once I held her there, and the waves touched her, she too changed. She absolutely LOVED it. She started going in farther (she's only 17 months, so she can't go too far without us). And she ran, then plopped herself right down, and splashed in the water. And if that wasn't cute enough, she started crawling around in the water. It was adorable.

One of my dreams is to have a beach house or condo someday. Probably for retirement. But, the one I'll have will be somewhere near a beautiful beach. Imagine the writing I could get done there...

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