Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Writing Is For Me

Did you ever get that crazy 'is this really worth it' feeling? Sometimes I get depressed - I admit it. It's hard doing this all myself. Maybe I expect too much? I know I'm just starting out. It's only been a few months... no, it's been longer than that, in July it'll be one year since I put my first book out there for the world to read.

I do get sales. Usually about two a day. Some days I get nothing and there have been days where I have had six sales. So, it's not like I'm not getting anything. But, then I read about people selling 100 a day. It blows my mind. To sell that many every day would be awesome! How do I get to that point? I know I don't always write about easy things. I don't always write about what people want to read, but I do think that there are many people out there who would like my books if they gave them a chance. My husband has convinced me to write a paranormal and a vampire book. I'm only 30,000 words into the vampire one. I'm kind of stuck in the middle, so I figured I'd take a few days to think.

I put my books out there to a bunch of book bloggers, so far the feedback has been positive. Although, I'm trying to prepare myself for that bad review that will ultimately come. I can't please everybody. But, I'm sure when it does come, I'll pull the covers up over my head and decide never to write again... for about a minute. LOL!

I keep reminding myself that the reason I write is for me. I love these stories. I want to see them get written. I want to read them. Selling them is just a perk :) So, I will keep writing as long as characters keep yelling in my head - and hopefully someday I will see sales as high as 100 a day!


  1. I feel like that all the time, but I don't even have a book out there! And I gave you my personal feedback, I'd be more than happy to help edit something. I'm good at finding typos. ;) Just not my own.
    And vamps... well as long as you make them different somehow. Make them your own. What I can't stand reading about is zombies, they're all the same! XD

  2. All the time! I swing so far back and forward. I think it's normal, and if we just stick at it we might sttle down one day (maybe)

  3. I really appreciate your feedback. I always get at least five people to read my books before I put them out there. It's funny how many mistakes we all miss. The one thing I haven't done is get an editor because they are expensive. I'm hoping once I'm making a little more money to be able to hire one. If it's something you'd like to do, I'd love that! It is much easier to find mistakes in other books than to find it in my own :D Let me know if you'd really like to edit or send me what you found in If I Die Young - whenever I find mistakes, I correct them and reupload.

    As far as vampires... ugh! Everything I can think of has been done. Probably anyway. I have no idea if what I'm writing has already been done. I haven't read every vampire series out there. So, we'll see if it ends up being any good. My husband seems to think if I write a vampire book it'll sell and those people will read my other books - LOL! I'm not so sure. I have no interest in writing zombies :D

  4. I also have that feeling when writing! I haven't even finished the first draft of my novel and I have worried about people not liking it.

    At one point, I had to remind myself why I write and that's because I enjoy it. I was so focused on the end product, rather than on the process of writing, that I dreading sitting at my computer to write. I have to keep reminding myself that I write for my enjoyment first and if people like my books then great.

  5. It's a rollercoaster ride of emotions, and the guiltiest contributor is our 'own' minds. I don't think any of us don't have that self doubt that creeps in no matter what stage of the writing process your in. It's a fine line between remebering we are doing it because we love to do it or feeding our ego's and craving for the feedback that helps us keep going. You are not alone! As for Vampires, do it if you are enjoying it becuase you have a story to tell not becuase it is the seller in the market. I find if people connect with me as a person and get to see my personality through my blog etc it will draw people to my work and hopefully maintain a following. I try to incorporate elements of my life with my writing my debut novel, it connects me to a variety of people. Will it sell my book come the time? Who knows? But I am enjoying meeting new friends and sharing my posts, helps me become a better writer. Hang in there Talia!Never under estimate what you have achieved thus far! It is only the beginning!

  6. Talia, I so totally agree, it's hard to get those sales and as a newly published writer, I'm in that same boat. I too get frustrated. But my characters will not let me quit! So I keep typing and hoping, marketing and dreaming. Hang in there. You just need to be in the right place at the right time.

    I'll check out your books

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  7. Thank you everybody! Love the inspiration!