Thursday, January 26, 2012

Teen Topics #5

How far do you let your teen wander? How much supervision should they have? Once again, I would love to hear from both teens and parents.

Teens: Do your parents let you roam around the neighborhood during the day? What about at night? Do you have a curfew?

Parents: Do you always know where your teen is? Is it okay with you if they roam around the neighborhood?

My husband and I have a difference of opinion. As you know we have a teenage daughter. She likes to hang out with some of the kids from the neighborhood. Our neighborhood is big. She has a few girlfriends who come and hang out, but she has 3-4 "boyfriends" that hang out too. I insist that she stay in our yard once it's dark. She hates this of course. But, these boys seem to have no supervision. My husband thinks she shouldn't be able to hang out with them at all because they must be bad news.


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