Thursday, October 20, 2011

Teen Topic #1

Breaking Dawn is less than a month away. My teen's birthday is around the time of the movie's release. For her birthday, she wants to either go to the midnight premiere (and probably miss some or all of school the next day) or go to the 2pm afternoon showing on Friday, WITH a few of her friends.

I'm not completely against this because Friday is the last day of school before they get a week off for Thanksgiving break anyway. So, really, how much would she be missing? I also like to think I'm somewhat of a cool mom :D However, I'm not sure if the 3-4 friends she wants to bring have parents that would allow this.

How do other teens and parents see this? Would you let your child go to a midnight premiere of a movie on a school night? Would you let them miss part of school to see a movie? What if the movie started at 2pm and school was over at 2:30? Would getting picked up an hour early be okay with you?

Tell me your thoughts!!


  1. If my mom was you should probably pick me up early from school rather than going to the 12a show. Only because I know my mother and she would say that 12a is to late. And who cares if Jacob is hot!...LOL! Just pick her up from school early on Friday...hey at lest they will beat the crowed. I have to go that opening night then go to work the next day Saturday :(

  2. here were we live they do not let them in the showwith out parent or it summer or hoiday time

  3. I would be ok with it because it is a speical movie and Birthday! If I were a mom I would be a cool one too!
    Thank you for the great giveaway I have too say I read Damaged Natalie's Story the other night got it on amazon and that was one of the best books I have read! I do not write reviews much not very good at it but will review this on amazon! Thank you for a wonderful story!

  4. Thanks for the feedback!! Since some of the girls going don't have cool parents like me, they can't get out of school. So, I'm picking them up just a tad early and will drive to the theater to wait in the line. Maybe it won't be too bad.

    Thank you, latishajean! What a wonderful compliment. You made my whole night!! I love hearing from people who enjoy my books. Thrilled to hear you will write a review too, that's awesome! Thanks again!!!