Monday, August 8, 2011


Sorry I haven't been blogging as much this summer. I've been focused on getting the first draft of my 6th book done and I just finished today! It's just shy of 64,000 words which means that after edits, it should be near 70,000. I closed it out and will set it aside for about a month. In that time, I'll work on book #5 which needs it's first edit.

Finding out we're pregnant again has also slowed me down a bit. The fatigue and the nauseousness has made staying up late and writing pretty rare. Hopefully the second trimester will bring some relief.

I'd like to get at least book #5 and #6 out before Christmas. If I'm lucky, book #7 - the sequel to The Ultimate Sacrifice will be out too.


  1. Hi Talia. Found you on book blogs. Wow!! 6 books going on 7. I'm impressed. Now following!

  2. Thanks! I have 4 for sale right now and trying to get the other two out very soon. Then time for #7!! Can't wait. I'm very excited to write that one.

  3. Congratulations on the book and the baby!