Monday, August 6, 2012

Signs In Your Yard - Monday Mom Post

There are people in the neighborhood that place signs in their yards with their children's names on them. Some even have a year or grade under their name. Most of them seem to be sports related. Maybe you've seen them? Maybe you have one? A giant baseball that says FRED 2012. So, now anybody going by your house knows that you have a son named Fred, that he's old enough to play baseball, and young enough not to care that you have his name on a sign in the front of the house.

What a magnet for a kidnapper! Seriously! Think about it. Some crazy guy (or gal) driving by sees that you have a son or daughter around the age they'd like. Now, they know the kid's name as well.

Smart. Really smart. Great advertising! Hey kidnapper! Yeah you!!! I've got a 7 year old boy who loves baseball. Come and get him! His name is Fred!!

You won't find one of those in front of our house. And I urge you to think about it before putting one in front of your house.

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  1. That's so true! My children are too young for signs like these, but I'd never really thought about that. Most that are sports signs even have the child's jersey # on them. Thanks for bringing this up.