Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I'm intrigued but not addicted. I like finding pictures of beautiful places or cool sayings, but other than that, I'm not sure what to do with it. Do people really care what I pin on my board? Do you look at other people's boards? What kind of things do you find interesting?

Check mine out! Tell me what to pin!

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  1. I mainly use pinterest as a place to draw inspiration for DIY crafts and also home decor. However, I've created an inspiration board for the work in progress as well as the one finished but not published book. Why do this? It gives me, as well as anyone that may one day read my stories, a visual of how I see my characters. I've included such things as scenery, people, clothing, etc. to complete the mental picture. It does help (me at least) when I get stuck with a description or even if my writing hits a wall, I will browse my inspiration board and viola! I am able to move forward in my writing. Feel free to check my boards out if you want. http://pinterest.com/autumndickinson/painted-in-a-corner-inspiration-board/

    Happy Pinning!