Monday, June 11, 2012

Life Is Good - Monday Mom Post

My daughter thinks she has it so bad. She doesn't. She has no idea how good she has it. And I have no idea how to prove it to her. Anytime I try to tell her about "way back when I was a kid", she shuts me out. I don't blame her. I did that to my parents too. Anytime I try to tell her about "other people", she shuts me out too. She doesn't care unless she's living it.

Kids these days have it easy and good. Remember the toys we used to play with in the 70s and 80s? Nothing like the stuff they have now. What about phones? Remember the rotary phones? Used to take a minute to dial a number, now we just push a preprogrammed name. Or use voice control.

My high school offered a handful of classes. Hers? An amazing selection of classes that touch on almost every career out there.

She has her own room, bathroom, TV, queen size bed, and so on. But, she appreciates none of it.

Sometimes I feel like moving to a farm and living off the land.

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