Monday, February 20, 2012

Barbie Clothes - Monday Mom Post

My five-year-old brought me a half dressed Barbie. "Can you help me?" she asked.

"Help you what?" I asked eyeing the Barbie.

"Get her clothes on."

Hmmm...okay. Seemed like something a five-year-old should be able to do. I took the Barbie and tried to pull up her shorts, they didn't budge. I yanked and tugged for at least five minutes and was finally able to get Barbie's shorts over her hips.

Really? This is what we're teaching our daughters? That clothes should fit this tight. It's not like Barbie is fat. Why can't she have clothes that simply go on? Something easy enough for kids to do so they don't have to bother their parents for help in putting clothes on a doll. I never liked Barbies anyway, now I have another reason to add to the list.

Polly Pockets often have the same problem. Tight clothes that take forever to shimmy up their thin bodies.

Dressing a doll shouldn't be hard.

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  1. I never liked Barbies, either. My kids have a Barbie and Ken doll, which they got because they wanted to play Toy Story and that, of course, included Barbie and Ken.

    I agree; dressing a doll shouldn't be that hard!