Saturday, April 9, 2011

Questions for Writers #4

Last week, I asked whether you like it noisy or quiet when you write. Many of you said you listen to some sort of music. So, here's the next question:

Do you have a playlist for your books? How many songs are on it? Do they fit the story? Or are they songs you enjoyed while writing? Do you post the playlist somewhere?

I do have a playlist for my books. Sometimes it's only one or two songs, and other times it's many more. Mostly, they are songs I think fit the characters or the story line, but sometimes it's just a song that I think these characters would like.


  1. I just discovered your blog.
    Yes, my co-author and I have a playlist for our book. Songs from the 1960s appear in several scenes, most notably near the end. BTW, we like it quiet when we write. There's enough "noise" with both of us talking!

  2. I play songs that I think fit the scene. I like Muse or Rob Zombie during battle scenes, Air Supply or Enys during sad/emotional scenes, etc. I like to envision my book as a movie, and I listen to what might be playing in the background as I'm writing it. Sometimes it'll just be one song, over and over again, until I have the scene right.

  3. No, I dont have a real playlist, I just like to scroll down the ipod list and see what fits best. There was one song...Love Remains the Same, that everytime there was a "love" moment in my bood, that song was on. It was freaky. But now whenever I read segments of Shadow Dancer, I hear that song in my head. Its funny how that happens. The Vampire Lestat series written by Anne Rice, I had the album Bat Out of Hell by Meatloaf playing in the background. Now whenever I hear those songs I think of those books, or vis-versa.

  4. There's only one instance where I've had a kind of playlist. I played the song Tattoo about a thousand times while editing The Monster's Daughter. (See: I wish I were exaggerating, but if I am? It's not by much! Other than that, I just randomize my iTunes play and skip past songs that aren't appropriate.

  5. Hi Sandy, thanks for following :)

    Beckah-Rah - I envision my books as movies sometimes too. More like Lifetime movies though :) LOL!

    Courtney - There are many songs that remind me of books and vice versa.

    Deb - There are songs that I'm sure I listened to a hundred times while writing. Some songs just put me in the mood :)