Sunday, March 20, 2011

My First Interview

There's a new newsletter being published in my neighborhood. In going through my ridiculously neglected email inbox, I came across an email sent out to a neighborhood email list that I'm on asking for stories or interesting people to write about for a new publication. Why I didn't immediately jump at this is beyond me. Sometimes I guess I just flake on things.

I emailed her back thinking it was probably too late, but she responded and told me she would forward on my information. When I didn't hear anything for over three weeks, I figured I wasn't interesting enough to make it into the newsletter.

But, then the email came. I was like a kid at Christmas! I called my husband and told him they wanted to to do an article about me. She wanted me to call her, which freaked me out a little, I'm shy and I don't always say the right things when I'm put on the spot. I sucked it up and called her. We had a nice chat and hopefully I came across somewhat sane.

She told me she would have the photographer get a hold of me to come take a picture and the article would be in the next newsletter. The photographer came the next day. I scrubbed the house - and myself, because, well - I looked like a worn out mom. My oldest daughter picked out something a little cooler than Jockey lounge wear. She even did my make-up. I figure there was no way she was going to have me embarrassing her.

The photographer took a few pictures of me sitting at our breakfast bar in front of my laptop. In a couple shots, I held my Kindle.

I'm very excited and scared out of my mind. Once this goes out, people will know that I write and while this is a very good thing, it's kind of scary because my books are like my babies. I created them. I brought them to life. When someone doesn't like them, it makes me sad. The ones that I have published aren't edgy YA, but I do write edgy YA, and once I publish some of those, I wonder how some of these neighbors will react.

I believe this publication is online, so when it's out... y'all will know!


  1. That is really cool! Sometimes I think it's a lot easier to share your writing with strangers than with people you'll run into at the grocery store. :) You'll have to post the link when it comes out.

  2. Eep! That's exciting but I can see how you'd be a little nervous!!!! I'm always nervous showing people I know my work. But I think peoples reactions will pleasantly surprised you!