Saturday, March 26, 2011

Blog Award

My blog has been awarded. Thank you, Deborah!

I'm completely new at this, so bear with me. I was awarded this award because Deborah thinks my blog has style. Who would have thought? Me... stylish! Now, I have to list seven interesting things about myself and award seven blogs that I think have style.

1. I used to stay up way past my curfew writing. I'd hide under the covers with a notebook, pen, and flashlight. It got hot under there!

2. I am married and we have five daughters. Yes, you read that right, FIVE girls. Can't wait until they're all teenagers and we're PMSing together! My husband is stoked about that too. He keeps talking about building a man cave, but I don't have any more bedrooms to give him.

3. I have also had six miscarriages. My unofficial diagnosis? Those are my boys.

4. We're a semi-crunchy family. I use cloth diapers, breastfeed, babywear, practice natural childbirth, and co-sleep. I do not homeschool.

5. I am scared of bees. Ridiculously scared. I literally run in the house screaming when one even flies remotely close to me. And by remotely, I mean within 20 feet.

6. I am a very picky eater. Seriously... no fruit, no raw veggies, no ethnic food. I'm a steak and potatoes girl.

7. I am a chocoholic. But, not fancy chocolate. Hershey's chocolate is the best. No nuts, no dark, just plain old milk chocolate. Chocolate frosting out of the can is pretty awesome too.

Did you find those interesting? I was sitting here all evening trying to think about what my blog readers would find interesting. Not everyone shares the same interests, but hopefully, I peaked some curiosity.

Now, to pass on the love. Obviously, there are many blogs out there that I like, here are just a few:

Thanks again, Deborah!


  1. Ok, that was really interesting. First of all, I love that you have five girls. My husband's family has an abundance of boys, so we have mostly nephews. :) I cannot believe you've had six miscarriages. Wow. You are one tough cookie. I love how you described yourself as semi-crunchy. And I am so with you on raw veggies and chocolate.

    By the way, I was shocked when someone thought I had style:) But, you deserved the award.

  2. I have two sis, so I understand the fun!
    My papa was always proud for the amount of women around him, although he tried to have a boy 'till the end...
    And by the way, yeah, your blog is very stylish!

  3. My sister has five daughters too. Aren't girls fun. :)

  4. They certainly are! I wouldn't change it for anything.