Monday, February 28, 2011

Book Promoting and How to Help

In my quest for self e-publishing success, I have had the hardest time with promoting my books. Some of that is because I'm not sure how many teens have access to eReaders or credit cards to buy eBooks. Other reasons include how to promote books online.

Here's what I've done so far.

Joined many communities or forums to talk about writing, reading, and publishing. These include:

I joined other sites like:

I joined tagging groups so people would tag my books with the appropriate words. I made an author's page on Amazon and Authorsden.

I have a Twitter page and a Facebook fan page. And of course, I have my new blog.

Help I need from friends, family, or fans. If you've read the book, leave a review. If you know what the books are about, tag them with the appropriate words. If you have a blog, blog about the book - if you do giveaways on your blog and have a YA audience, I'd love to offer a free copy of my eBook.

Any of you who have an account/shelf at goodreads, librarything, or shelfari, add my books to your shelf, leave a review.

Follow my blog and add it to your blog. Leave comments.

Tell other people - neighbors, friends, teens. Or on your Facebook or Twitter.

Thank you!!!

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