Saturday, September 22, 2018

My Promise (Spoiler)

When I started writing the Beyond Earth series, it was after the death of Lexa on The 100. The "bury your gays" trope was at an all time high. I promised my fans then and I want to renew my promise to my fans as I continue the series that I will NOT permanently kill off either main character, Everleigh and Akacia.

Now, because I'm a drama writer, I need to have drama, so things will happen to them. They may come close to death. They may get sick. They may die and be revived. They may switch bodies. But, in the end, all will be as it should be. That is my promise to you.

The first two books in the series are out (Without Hesitation and Painted Skies). I'm working on the third book and am already at 65k I'm thinking there may be four books in this series. So, yes, be prepared for dramatic things to happen throughout this series, and I know this is a spoiler, but I promise to keep Akacia and Everleigh alive.

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