Saturday, January 23, 2016

New Release!!! Touch of Death

Touch of Death is my first New Adult (NA) book geared towards people 17 and up.

Anika had been born into a supernatural family. She had grown up knowing one day she'd be a fully matured succubus-a demon who literally sucked the life from men-something she didn't look forward to. And now the day had arrived and she had to accept her destiny. Not only did she have to learn what was expected of her, but she also had to join her family as part of The Siren-a paranormal law enforcement agency. Her future had always been clearly defined until suddenly she finds her life in disarray when she falls in love with a human, Zak. She struggles to be with him, but her powers are deadly to even the one she loves.

Available ONLY on Amazon. FREE on Kindle Unlimited. $4.49 otherwise. Also in print.

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