Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Forgotten Promise

You have all been asking. WHEN is the fourth Between Worlds book coming out? When can we read more about Rylie and Kallan? Will Sierra get her memory back? What happens next? And the day is almost here! 


That's right. Friday, May 15th, Forgotten Promise (Between Worlds: Book Four) will be available on almost all outlets. Print usually takes longer, but it's all processing. 

And as always, I will host a little giveaway on my Facebook for the release. So make sure you come and check it out. 

A huge beg...REVIEWS and word of mouth are crucial to authors. If you read a book and you love it, tell others by leaving reviews and by spreading the word. Tell your friends. Tell a Facebook group. Tell readers on a blog or chat room. Tell people!!! Any author out there will appreciate it. You never know, you might tell someone who is friends or family of a movie producer or agent. Then you could be personally responsible for getting the book on the big screen! Wouldn't that be awesome?! 

So tell people... Tweet about, Instagram in, even Pin it. Get the word out there. We notice!

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