Sunday, September 21, 2014

Eternal Promise (A Between Worlds Novel: Book Three)

Hey readers and fans! I'm very excited to announce that the third book in the Between Worlds series is available. Please help spread the word. If you're a fan, let others know about this awesome series and that the third book is now out.

Eternal Promise (A Between Worlds Novel: Book Three)

Rylie has chosen the dark faery prince Kallan and has been swept away by the faery world. There’s much more to being the Aurorian than she knew. She continues to learn about the faery world and her connection to it. After several fey go missing, the time comes for her to take her place. Rylie is shocked when the investigation leads to the discovery of Satine, Kallan’s evil half-sister, who plans on completely destroying the light faery world.

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