Friday, November 1, 2013

November Is...

National Epilepsy Awareness Month

A few years ago, I wrote a book about a girl with epilepsy. I don't remember why I decided to write about epilepsy. I enjoy writing books about teens with medical issues. Maybe it was a show I saw? I know epilepsy is a disorder that people don't know a lot about. I did a lot of research for this book and I hope that I wrote it well. 

I'm sure many of you don't know much about epilepsy. Maybe you shrug and say it's not something you're interested in. I hope you change your mind and read my book. It's not just about the disease, it's about a teenager who is dealing with the loss of her parents, going to public school for the first time, worried that she's a burden to her newly married older brother. She also worries about making friends and falling in love. So read it for the teen angst. Read it for the drama parts. Maybe while you're at it, you'll find out a little something about epilepsy.

Or read it because it's free.

In honor of National Epilepsy Awareness Month, I am putting Teagan's Story: Her Battle With Epilepsy free for November on the sites I can control. Apple iBooks and Smashwords have already updated and are free.  I'm hoping that Amazon follows (keep checking that link to see if it's free). I can only put it on sale for as low as $0.99 at Barnes and Noble. They won't let you put it free and they don't price match.

Some quick epilepsy facts:
2+ million Americans have epilepsy
Currently affects more than 300,000 kids under the age of 15
150,000 annual NEW cases in the USA
1 in 10 people have had a seizure
65 million people worldwide have epilepsy

I really hope some of you branch out and try this book. Let Teagan touch your heart. Thanks!

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