Saturday, April 20, 2013

Still No Title

I've been making good progress on my third Gifted Teens series. I'm up to about 44,000 words which means I've got at least another 10,000 to write. It shouldn't take me long, but now that I'm towards the last part of the book, it gets harder. I have to make sure I wrapped up everything I need to. I have to make sure all questions got answered. I have to go back through and make sure there aren't any inconsistencies. Then I have to think about my characters. Did they get enough time? Did they grow? Did they develop their relationships? And so on. This, of course, takes a while.

I'm hoping to be done writing it in the next month and then off it'll go for editing, formatting, and that kind of thing. That'll take at least two months. I'm hopeful to have it out around the end of July, early August. Guess it'll depend how busy I get, how busy the people I depend on get, etc. I know many of you are anxious. I promise I'm working on it as fast as I can, but not too fast, I want it to be awesome. I don't want to let you down.

And no...I have no title yet. Nothing has come to me. Stay tuned. You'll know when I do :)


  1. Sorry for asking this because its way into the future...but do you think there will be a 4th book?

    1. Possibly. The third book will go through their senior year. I've thought about possibly doing another book in the series that takes place in the future with some different characters. I always write when a story comes to me, so if Kassia bugs me then I'll do more about her. Or maybe it'll be a different character. So it is possible.

  2. Parental trust issues. They cannot turn to their parents when they need someone to talk to so they hold things in. It leads to more issues than there needs to be.