Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Mom Post - Picking Up Kids Early

My middle schooler doesn't like one of her teachers. In fact, I don't like the teacher either. But having a teacher you don't get along with is part of life. It's 50 minutes out of the day that'll just have to suck. I keep explaining to her that it's something that will happen...whether it's this year, next year, or three years from now. Everyone is bound to get a teacher they don't really like.

Every day, my daughter comes home with a story about this teacher. Sometimes it's directly related to her, sometimes it's what the teacher did to someone else in the class. Only one time when the teacher took something away from my daughter - my daughter's fault, but the teacher wouldn't give it back - did I get involved. There were other times I wanted to get involved, but didn't. And there were other times I just rolled my eyes and said, "I understand you hate her, but you have to find a way to get through it."

I can't go calling the counselor for every little thing. Now, if it was a big issue, I would. If it was something that kept me up at night, I would insist on the school switching her teacher. There are other parents that feel the same. Many who have expressed to me their feelings about this teacher.

Today my daughter texted me asking to be picked up from school before the class. I felt bad, but I don't feel like I should go rescue her just because she doesn't like the teacher. She has to learn how to deal with it. But then I feel guilty. It sucks. If I go pick her up, it'll set a precedent that any time she doesn't like something or someone, I'll go get her. On the other hand, I don't want her to think I'm ignoring her.

So, parents, how do you handle situations like this? If your child calls or texts you asking to be picked up early, do you have rules as to when or why you will pick them up?

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