Monday, April 9, 2012

Baby News - Monday Mom Post

Okay, I'm late in this too. Our baby boy was born two weeks late. My midwife said I had to be induced a day or two before the two week overdue mark to be able to have the baby at the birthing center. So, I said okay. We left to go to the birthing center at 7am. My midwife broke my water at 8:45am. I didn't have any pitocin or IVs or any other method of induction.

My contractions weren't real regular. They were more intense than they had been for the past few weeks, but nowhere near intense enough for me to think they were doing much.

I was 3cm when I got there, 5cm by 2:30 when my midwife suggested I get into the Jacuzzi. I didn't think it would help, in fact, I thought the Jacuzzi would make me too relaxed. I stayed in the tub for an hour and fifteen minutes. When I got out, the contractions started coming harder and closer together.

Around 5pm, I got in the bed and found out I was almost completely dilated and just needed my body to push this baby out.

Luke was born soon after after a few pushes. He really is a boy and I am completely in love with him. He's almost always in my arms. I can't stand putting him down. I will get back to writing, but it might be a month or so. I am in the last stages of writing another book with Julia Crane. Once that is done, I hope to write a YA drama and have it out before the end of the year. But, it all depends on how I feel. This is our last baby and that is a very emotional feeling. I want to cherish every minute I have with him.

Me in the room I gave birth in. Look at that awesome blue room, with ocean pictures, a big bed, and a Jacuzzi. So much better than a hospital setting. I'm all for giving birth outside of the hospital if you're not high risk. We got home at 9pm. So, I was gone for a total of 14 hours (the birthing center was an hour away - so I was there for 12 hours - not bad at all!)

This is my little guy shortly after he arrived.

And here he is all cleaned up.

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  1. He is so beautiful!! Look at his eyes. Congrats Talia!!