Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Book Ending

I'm working on this one book that I originally wrote way back in high school. The characters were bugging me a few months ago, so I took out the book. It was horrible. Really bad. But, the storyline was good, the characters were good. It just needed a lot of tweaking.

Basically, I grabbed the character's names and personalities and wrote a whole new story, keeping some of the same story. But, now I'm getting to a part where I could go a few different ways with it.

I could keep the original type of ending - happy, predictable.
I could make the ending sad and not so predictable.
I could make the ending not what I wanted, but probably more realistic. Happy, yet not happy.

I read so many people get tired of predictable, happy endings. But, how many readers are like that? Most? Some? Only a few?

And I LIKE the happy endings. So, should I just write what I would want to happen even if it's predictable and happy?

I'm sure I'll write whatever comes to me at the second I get to that crossroads. But, right now, I'm kind of conflicted about what to do.


  1. I love happy endings. I do. One of my friends posted about endings that are surprising, yet inevitable and I love endings like that--but I like mine happy. I know there are people who really like the tragic and the sad, but when I'm reading...well, I want to be able to care about the characters and believe that they'll have SOME happiness at the end of their road! Authors can put their characters through horrible, horrible things, but I want to see them get through those things to find something happy.

    But that's just me. ;)

  2. Well.. I love both in one. I dont know how to tell you, but i love endings what are basically happy, but there are still clouds in the scene. But i would suggest you to write what you would want to happen, because then you would enjoy more the writing and the story will be better, too.