Thursday, January 20, 2011

Book Covers

I'm naive in this area. For Natalie's Story I just uploaded a picture of the beach from when we went on vacation a few years ago. There is a beach scene in Natalie's Story so it's not a huge stretch, but still not the picture I'd like to use for the cover.

I've read about websites where you can buy a photo and use that for your book, but I have no idea how these things work. I need simple instructions in English, not lawyer talk, to follow.

Can anyone clue me in?


  1. Do a Google search for "stock photos" + whatever it is you'll have in mind - there are bunches of sites out there that have them.

    Or you could ask a friend who's good with Photoshop for help...looks like that's what you did with Teagan's Story. LOVE that cover. :)

  2. I actually did the cover myself (with Michael's help).
    I was worried about the rules with stock photos, it was confusing, but sounded like you could only use it so much. If it went over the limit, you had to pay more. Not that I'm expecting to sell that many books. But, I wasn't sure if an eBook sale was the same as a regular book sale.
    So, I ended up photographing my kid, changing her hair color, and doing something to the photo to make it look more like art.